Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Orleans (almost) Mardi Gras

Hey all! Happy Mardi Gras! We are in Louisiana, just north of New Orleans. We have had so much fun the last few days leaning about Louisiana and Mardi Gras history.

We first had the kids put together a report on Mardi Gras which included beads and king cake (of course): 

We then had to go get more king cake for the actual Mardi Gras day (again, of course). This local bakery in Covington, LA was awesome! Nonna Randazzo had the most delicious cakes- we ate them for dessert, breakfast and lunch. (It is FAT Tuesday after all). 

Here are some pictures from the parade... all of the kids here have the day off and it is a BIG DEAL.... so many trinkets and beads are thrown. We accumulated hundreds of beads, stuffed animals, footballs, cups, plastic insects and even "diamond" jewelry. 

And I managed to swing by a Starbucks for my favorite souvenir :) 

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