Monday, December 4, 2017


Greetings from the middle of nowhere Texas.... we are headed to stay outside San Antonio. When we were in AZ we spent a day in the town of Tombstone. I knew nothing about the history before we came, it was cool to learn about! Truly the Wild West :) We all really enjoyed it and had fun hanging out there....

Horse shoe tracks....

Super cool music man...

Waiting to watch the Gun Show :)

Learned a lot about the history of the town... both about the Apaches and also the whites that came in to get rich on silver. This was particularily sad:

Max didn’t love the museums...

A little town video:

I recommend a stop by if you’re ever in the area! 

Living with less and loving more-

Benson AZ

Hey all!!! We spent a couple of weeks (and Thanksgiving) in Benson, AZ. I have to be honest, not my most favorite stop. We did go into Tuscon a few times, that was fun, but I realize I’m not really a desert person :) 

I did enjoy the view of the little path by the RV park.... (I walked it entirely at my own risk)... 

All of the signs and view above were from the trail and Campground. 

Living with less and loving more- 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Southern California

We spent a short week in So Cal and really enjoyed ourselves!!!

We started in Santa Monica...

With this guy... :) This is Mike... he's a dear friend and Annie's Godfather.

We went up to the planetarium for some awesome views...

And then ended with an awesome dinner!!!

Max was a little tired-

And they all passed out on the ride home :)

We went to the library I used to go to with my mom.

And spent some time on the beach that Oscar and I were engaged on :)

Oscar's re enactment was not quite the same. 

So Cal we will miss you! Hope to return soon! 

Living with less and loving more-

Live with Less Love More- One Year in Our RV!

Today marks one year that our family of 5 (plus 2 dogs) has lived in just over 250 sq feet and been traveling the US full time.  ...