Saturday, November 18, 2017

Idyllwild CA

Our time in Idyllwild California will always be one of my favorites! And most memorable... especially since it started with a 20 plus mile drive up a mountain in the dark! I was so flipping terrified. I just kept picturing our trailer falling off a cliff as we were winding around the switchbacks. 

One of the best parts was meeting these peeps. We found 3 other full time families and spent Halloween with them... it was so awesome. The town was great- set up for the kids to trick or treat at all of the local businesses. 

We later discovered some incredible views right by our spot... unbelievable and breathtaking!!!! 

The kids absolutely loved the playground there... it was beautiful!

Sunsets were amazing:

We found fall leaves:

And the library:

I found some mistletoe growing:

and cool wood patterns:

And Oscar and I spent the last night watching the sunset above the clouds.... will remember that forever! 

Idyllwild, I know we will be back!

Living with less and loving more, 

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