Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Paducah - Loooong Overdue

Hey friends! 

We were in Paducah KY a while ago... like in August (I'm so timely). But the pics and the town still deserve to be shown off. I really did like the feel of the town, lots of cool history and picturesque views!

First off was laundry- the kids were fascinated by the huge spinning machines. (That interest is now long gone lol):

Oscar worked at Pipers Tea and Coffee, a really unique coffee house located in the old Coca Cola building: 

Later we went into downtown and enjoyed the sandwich shops and coffee houses :)

Finally we looked at the really cool mural that beautifully illustrated Paducha’s history. In full disclosure, the kids had zero interest in the wall. I told them if they didn’t stop whining they’d have to write a full report on the town. Here you can see them and their fake smiles: 

More Piper's Coffee (check it out when you go!)

Surprisingly Paducah was a pretty cool town with an interesting recent history developing art and artists in the town. It's worth a stop if you're driving by!

Living with Less and Loving More,

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