Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Paducah - Loooong Overdue

Hey friends! 

We were in Paducah KY a while ago... like in August (I'm so timely). But the pics and the town still deserve to be shown off. I really did like the feel of the town, lots of cool history and picturesque views!

First off was laundry- the kids were fascinated by the huge spinning machines. (That interest is now long gone lol):

Oscar worked at Pipers Tea and Coffee, a really unique coffee house located in the old Coca Cola building: 

Later we went into downtown and enjoyed the sandwich shops and coffee houses :)

Finally we looked at the really cool mural that beautifully illustrated Paducha’s history. In full disclosure, the kids had zero interest in the wall. I told them if they didn’t stop whining they’d have to write a full report on the town. Here you can see them and their fake smiles: 

More Piper's Coffee (check it out when you go!)

Surprisingly Paducah was a pretty cool town with an interesting recent history developing art and artists in the town. It's worth a stop if you're driving by!

Living with Less and Loving More,

Friday, October 27, 2017

RV Redo!

So I finally finished up some of the details and was able to walk through and video! 

The insight is so much better and brighter. Check it out here: 

Living with less and loving more,

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Vegas- A Week of Both Sad and Happy Tears

Last week was a roller coaster... I mean one of those roller coasters with ups and downs that compare to none other. 

We arrived in the Vegas area the Saturday before the shootings. I seriously could not believe the news on Monday morning. It made me so sick to hear of the massacre on the strip. 

The kids and I went to lunch that Monday and it brought tears to my eyes to see this: 

That is a really long line of people just waiting to give blood. Waiting hours. The Vegas stooping was just horrific, but there is good- people coming together to help. This is just a tiny snapshot of this, but I will say for the most part, people are pretty darn amazing. 

The week continued as I headed to the Strip to be with my friends and team for the Rodan + Fields convention. This year it actually felt good to be there. I’m not exactly a Vegas fan, but I am incredible proud of R+F and the spirit of the locals. The stories were amazing to hear and R+F raised a ton of money to help the victims families. 

The convention itself was so inspiring! I am really really proud of the company I aligned with. Their innovation is bar none. The new products are amazing. But best of all?: My team, my people. I just love them all. :) here are a few pics from the week:

After my convention, Oscar brought the kids to meet me at the hotel. Vegas was certainly not on my list of places to bring the kids, but figured why not enjoy the pool and grab some treats? 

We swam and walked the strip:

This kids loved all of the M&M choices:

And they tried a "flight" of international soda flavors (and I had coffee of course):

All in all it was a pretty amazing week in Las Vegas. 

Tragedy always leads to triumph as God is in control. 

Living with less and loving more,

Monday, October 2, 2017

Utah~ Pictures Tell it All

Utah is stunning. Not just kinda pretty, but seriously stunning. The views from our campground alone were absolutely incredible. 

We saw a coyote the first morning:

Mexican Hat Rock:

Amazing views:

Gooseneck State Park:

The San Juan River:

Forrest Gump View:

Views from the campsite:

The STARS!!!!!! (you can totally see the Milky Way):

This one you can see a shooting star:


 Fun at sunset:

More rainbows:

Sheep at pasture:

Living with less and loving more,

Live with Less Love More- One Year in Our RV!

Today marks one year that our family of 5 (plus 2 dogs) has lived in just over 250 sq feet and been traveling the US full time.  ...