Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Colorado Rainbows!!!

There is something magical about about Colorado... it's just such a beautiful state. Last weekend on our way out of town it was as if she had to she off one more time and gave us the most amazing display of rainbows. I have never seen anything like it!!! The pictures and videos can't come close to showing to the incredible colors... but this is what we captured: 

Living with less and loving more,

Kelley 🌈

Monday, September 25, 2017

Date Night!

With this full time RV adventure, I wasn't sure how Oscar and I could ever get a date.... I mean you don't exactly build up babysitter relationships in a week of a new city, or can you? Well we did... we met the sweetest couple attending Charis Bible College up in Woodland Park. Oscar got to know them well and and they offered to sit for us- what a treat!!!! We went hiking over by a beautiful resovoir and got to see so many amazing aspen trees turning golf. Then we had sushi. And not just any sushi, really good sushi!!!! Hard to believe we found it in a small town in Colorado, but damn it was good!!!!

Living with less and loving more,

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Garden of the Gods

Trip Advisor rated the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs as the number one thing to see in the area. We are not surprised- you can't even imagine how beautiful it is... these pictures will not do it justice, but here's a little peek of our trip there.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Inside The RV- "As Is"

Well this is a bit embarrassing... we are working hard to give the inside of the RV a little "freshen up" and I did a short video tour of the inside without cleaning up a thing. Seriously... it's all there, dirty laundry and all! 

I'll be doing a more tidy, neat video when we have finished in the next week or two!

In the meanwhile enjoy a peek under the tent of RV living....

Living with less and loving more-

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First Aid (Like Never Before)

Not sure why... maybe because my kids are playing outside more, but we have had so many more minor infections. 

Here you see Annie getting some help from Oscar... she has 2 infected hangnails. Sounds silly, but they are bad!!! 

Certainly didn't anticipate it, but our first aid kit has had quite a workout. 

Living with less and loving more-

Monday, September 4, 2017

Kansas City

I'm a little late in posting this but better late than than never...  We just spent a week in Kansas City and had a blast! First and foremost, spending time with family was the best. My brother and his family leave there and the kids all have fun together. Plus they have a pool... need I say more :)? 

Last week the kids and I spent a day downtown KC... this is a really kid friendly town. 

We started at Kaledascope art center- it's 100% free and the kids get to make and take a bunch of fun art projects. 

After that we grabbed lunch st Fritz's- this place was adorable.... the food comes to you via train. The kids absolutely loved it. 

Then we ride the free streetcar on main street. Again, not sure why but they loved it! Personally, I don't get jazzed over public transportation but I love that the kids do :)

All in all we had so much fun in KC!!!

Living with less and loving more-

Live with Less Love More- One Year in Our RV!

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