Friday, August 11, 2017

Doing Our Part and Avoiding E. coli

We are still working on a more permanent water solution... I think we finally have all of the parts we need for the Culligan under sink drinking water system. Hopefully Oscar can install that soon. In the meanwhile it's killing me to be using bottled water. Not the best option but at least it's clean and E. coli free (and we have found reacting options)  👍🏼 We unfortunately had a E. coli situation at our first camp ground. That was not fun. We had to boil the water to wash our dishes, but it did make me appreciate fresh water more. We did work to find humor in it, first calling it our poop water.... like "you going to shower in the poop water?" And "Just washing dishes in the poop water." We then moved on to saying E. coli  like the Ricola horn commercials.... Reee-coo-la. Every time we said E. coli it was sung to the same tune.... Eeeee-cooo-liiiii. 

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