Saturday, August 26, 2017

O O O O'riley!!!

I am one lucky lady to have this guy:

Our adventure has certainly not been uneventful. In fact, the kids all know the O'Riley Auto Parts jingle... you know the one.... "o - o - o - O'Rileeeeey.... auto parts". That will probably be in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome. :) 

But back to my hubby. I'm so thankful Oscar is so good with cars and mechanical things. We have had several small issues with the truck and he has been able to repair them all. Just now we had an issue with the truck's ignition coil. The truck started misfiring and we just happened to exit by O'Riley (thank God!). We were back up and running in 30 minutes! I think I would have been stuck there by myself for days waiting for a service appointment. 

So if you happen to see this man with his head in the engine on the side of the road:

Honk and wave hello!

Living with less and loving more, 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Total Eclipse!

Oh my gosh we have so much to catch up on... but right now we are in the Metropolis IL Public Library and I finally have a little (slow) wifi. I have about 4.3 minutes until the kids need something again so here goes... 

The eclipse was AMAZING!!!! We were in Eddyville, IL at Hayes Canyon Campground and it could not have been a better spot. We had over two minutes of totality! We met friends there from our old neighborhood in Northbrook and we all really enjoyed the time together... hiking, s'mores and of course, the eclipse. 

This is Linda Marks... She is the President if the Michiana Astronomical Society and just happened to be camping by us... they brought so many telescopes and talked us through the eclipse every step of the way....

Max, the girls and others watching...

 Look at the crescent shapes showing on the chair... 
Gus had a hard time with the glasses, he kept telling me he saw the moon :) I guess he did, but what he was talking about was the sun impersonating the moon. 
 More crescents...

Cereal box viewers....

 Professional viewers...

This is a shot I took borrowing a special filter...

Here you can see the holes of the spoon were all little crescents...

 More professional equipment...

My TOTALITY shots...

 Diamond ring!

It was so incredible to be where we were for this amazing day!!!!!

Living with Less and Loving More, 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pecans! (Local Food)

Hey Y'all! We are driving through Georgia today! I have to tell you, the people here are just so nice, certainly southern charm at its finest! 

As a dietitian and foodie I LOVE to eat from local stores and farmers. Today we got lucky and happened upon Adcock Pecans. I guess I should tell you it's actually really really hard to miss this place. It's it huge!!!! Isles and isles of pecans, peanuts, jams, jellies, honey and so much more.

I went in alone (that by itself was a wonderful experience) and picked out several goodies! Pecans, trail mix, blackberry jam, pecan oil, local honey and onion relish (so excited to try that!). 

I am especially excited about pecans- they are incredibly healthy and have so many nutritional benefits. They are a great source of iron, magnesium and many other minerals. They are very good for maintaining a healthy heart as they are high in monounsaturated fats. Much or the American diet is way too high in polyunsaturated oils like canola, soybean, corn and vegetable (it's in most packages foods). This unhealthy fat ratio can ultimately lead to inflammation in the body with is the precursor for many preventable heath issues. Pecans and pecan oil can help balance that out some.

Oscar and I ate a bunch of the pecans (yum!) Annie likes them, but preferred the peanut trail mix I got :) The boys? Well they haven't moved past peanut butter. 

Perhaps I make a pecan pie and see how that goes! 

Living with Less and Loving More~

Friday, August 11, 2017

Doing Our Part and Avoiding E. coli

We are still working on a more permanent water solution... I think we finally have all of the parts we need for the Culligan under sink drinking water system. Hopefully Oscar can install that soon. In the meanwhile it's killing me to be using bottled water. Not the best option but at least it's clean and E. coli free (and we have found reacting options)  👍🏼 We unfortunately had a E. coli situation at our first camp ground. That was not fun. We had to boil the water to wash our dishes, but it did make me appreciate fresh water more. We did work to find humor in it, first calling it our poop water.... like "you going to shower in the poop water?" And "Just washing dishes in the poop water." We then moved on to saying E. coli  like the Ricola horn commercials.... Reee-coo-la. Every time we said E. coli it was sung to the same tune.... Eeeee-cooo-liiiii. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's All Fun Until Someone Barfs

I took the dogs to the dog beach the other day. They LOVED IT! Only problem is they thought the waves were taunting them and found it necessary to chase and bite them. It was fun to watch until we all realized they were actually swallowing the salt water. No beuno. Poor pups had to hang out outside for a bit as it all worked it's way through. I felt terrible. :( They were totally fine in about two hours and I'm sure they would do it all over again if I let them! (Nope).

Goodbye Florida

Today is our last day in Florida. I feel a little sad... we have been here over a year and have really loved the weather and most of all, the people. We will miss all of you Florida friends. We took one last dip in the ocean at the beach (it was right by our campsite). 

Goodbye Florida! We will see you again soon! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Connection Issues

So we have had absolutely no signal at our latest stop! More to come but we finally just bought a WeBoost that will hopefully help. It the meanwhile you'll find me connecting briefly in spots like this... Walmart while the kids watch the display TV :) 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mission: Lasagne

One of the things I was most concerned about in the RV was cooking. You see, there is like no counter space in here! I'm a dietitian and health coach and cooking healthy food is important to me.... some may even call me a little uptight about it :). 

Last night I decided to really test out the kitchen and make lasagne from scratch. And not just one pan, but two. The second pan was for some people we met out here in the Lithia Springs campground. As many of you know, Oscar is really amazing at getting to know people. He's very outgoing and people just open up to him. He met some people that seem to be having just way too much bad luck. Let me give you the run down... there is a couple here and they live in a small trailer on this campground with her mother who has cancer. This couple watched a complete stranger's camper burn down and then decided to take in that couple as well... as if they didn't have enough stress. All 5 of them are living together, looking for work and I have to tell you, learning more about them just makes me appreciate all we have even more. The least I could do was make them a pan of lasagne! 

All in all operation lasagne was a success! I made two pans of veggie lasagne (with mushrooms because a little bit of mushrooms each day can cut your cancer risk significantly) cooking each one separately in my easy bake oven (its small lol). I did use the no boil noodles- that saves a lot of time and a pan. 

Here's the final product:

And some pictures of the process! 

Lots of love,

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Small Spaces

Yesterday it rained here... a lot. I have to admit, it's a tiny bit stressful being stuck in 250 square feet with 4 other people and 2 dogs. Good news though... I fixed my pantry problem!

We went from this:

To this:

Not perfect, but so much better!!!!

Live with Less Love More- One Year in Our RV!

Today marks one year that our family of 5 (plus 2 dogs) has lived in just over 250 sq feet and been traveling the US full time.  ...