Wednesday, April 18, 2018


We spent almost two weeks in Orlando in March. You will never guess what we did while we were there...

Ok that was a given. Magic Kingdom was actually our least favorite of the parks. Animal Kingdom was pretty cool:

Max lost a tooth while we waited in line for 3 hours for the Avatar ride (it was worth the wait). 

At Hollywood Studios Max bought socks and had to wear them right away.

We met Cruz Ramirez...

Epcot was amazing! 

We had donuts of course...

Carry much? 

Aside from Disney we also got a chance to check out the very fun Cat Cafe... it’s a super cute spot where you can come in and have coffee with a bunch of cats that need homes. It was a ton of fun for all of us. If it weren’t for the whole RV thing we might have brought one home :) 

Living with less and loving more,

Full Time Family Rally

In early March we arrived to Florida (and are still here!) The first thing we did had to be one of the best parts of the trip so far... we met up with 50 other families that do what we do- travel full time. It was such a needed time with friends new and old....

At beautiful Jellystone in Madison FL...

Played some crab soccer 😳

They even had a craft fair for the kids- Annie and Max made bracelets and dog treats:

We are looking forward to our next rally- hopefully soon! 

Living with less and loving more,

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Carlsbad, New Mexico

WOW! If you have a bucket list, you have to add Carlsbad Caverns! It is such a crazy cool experience! 

Our trip to Carlsbad, New Mexico did not exactly start off on the right foot. We arrived late to our planned RV park, and as we pulled in a very strong putrid smell of refining oil began to burn our noses. Apparently, the wind was blowing just right and allowing the oil refinery smell from 15 miles north to wash over the whole park. This was definitely a no-go for the B-lo's. We high tailed out of there and went through the incredibly stressful process of trying to find a new place to go while having very little cell service. We found a place just outside of Carlsbad Caverns National Park in White City, MN (population: 7). No, not 7K, just 7 souls. We parked, hooked up and as I entered to RV it looked like a massive earthquake had rocked the RV- you see we had gone over some huge bumps earlier and it completely shook everything out of place! Glass shards, books, papers, pictures and cups were scattered all over. Ugh, let me tell you, that is so not fun to clean up when you've been travelling all day and you're hangry. 

Bad night aside, the rest of the trip was pretty cool. 

Here are some pics of the caverns and our fun there:


Heading in:

Can you find the dead, petrified bat?: 

Original entry to the caverns (no thank you):

Later in the week in snowed:

And the kids made a snowman :) 

Living with less and loving more, 


We spent almost two weeks in Orlando in March. You will never guess what we did while we were there... Ok that was a given. Magic Kingdom wa...